Thursday, October 1, 2015

'round and 'round we go

where I'll stop only the guardrail knows!

I lost control of my car this morning. I was taking my normal exit to work, listening to Kenny and Taylor and now I can't even remember what they were talking about. I felt the car slide and begin to spin and honestly I had no idea what to do so I just hung onto the steering wheel and was thankful that I was wearing nice underpants just in case I needed to be cut out of my jeans. But it wasn't as dramatic as all that, my car bounced off the guardrail a few times, leaving my poor Ponti a dented mess. I'm shaken but I'm ok.

8:30 am isn't the ideal time to get into an accident on exit 7. There were cars stopped in front of me and cars coming off of 95 behind me, some not driving too slow. As I spun for what seemed like an eternity I thought, "Well this is it, someone is going to broadside me and that will be it. My bones and my organs will be crushed and my mom will have to fly or drive up here to claim my broke ass. I hope Ashlee gets to the house first and gets rid of all the things my mom doesn't need to see. I hope Mark never finds out how much I cried and never sees that I still have one of his lanyards from one of his conferences hanging in my closet...I should have gotten rid of that."

Anyway, I'm alive! I LIIIIIIVE! I guess this is dramatic but I've never been involved in a car accident before. Wait that's a lie, an old lady hit me when I was 16 but I don't really remember much about that and it didn't feel as scary even though my 88 chevy cavalier never recovered.

Moral of the story is, wear nice underpants because you never know when you might have to be cut out of your jeans.

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