Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Brandie's Closet Part II

Hello pals.

Today I bring you more fashions from Brandie's closet.

Truth be told most days I look like this.
On the weekends I dress it up because that's when I have the time to do my hair and my make up and do the whole thing. So I end up looking like this.
I don't think you're ready for this jelly. I was all balls to the wall and didn't wear spanx at all with this outfit. I've officially given up on life. This beautiful sweater came from Brandie, but originally it's from Target! I wore it with my black leggings from Torrid and my Lane Bryant boots. I really wear them all the time.Someday I will buy new earrings but as you can see I'm a minimalist in the way that I wear the same accessories errrday. I'm a work in progress. Give me a break.
Also this may be my favorite shirt of all time. I used the flash so you could see the horsies. HORSIES. Also from Brandie's closet, this is originally from Torrid. I've been sleeping on Torrid lately but this shirt is my jambo. I am IN LOVE with the neckline.
And of course would this look be complete without skinneh jeans and my dumb boots? Nope. 

Brandie has AMAZING taste. I can't wait until she has to clean out her closet again and I get to pillage all of her things. FRIENDSHIP.