Thursday, January 31, 2013

Brandie's Closet

What up. I suck at blogging, I know this. My sentence structure is bad, my grammar is even worse but ya know what? Proper grammar is for rich people, so suck it. I write the way I speak. If I can read this back and it sounds like I'm just talking to you on the phone, then mission accomplished. I go through these phases where I have plenty to say but don't feel like blogging, and then when I do feel like blogging I have so much to say I word vomit about a million different subjects at once. So, for all of our sake's I'm going to try to blog more often and keep my subjects down to one at a time.

Push it back here we go.

I have a friend named Brandie. She is a glorious nymph I met in Cosmo Radio Land and she quickly became one of my closest friends. She is a Wedding Planner and a sometimes tweeter @Brandie327. We love make up. We dance the dance of friendship on a daily basis, and have basked in our love in person!

Perks of this friendship are that B and I are close to the same size, so I finally have someone to swap clothing with. Brandie's style is out of control. I don't think she really considers herself fashionable or a clothes horse but she really is! She and I happened to be cleaning out our closets around the same time and sent each other items that we'd otherwise get rid of in other ways, but friends get first dibs. BOOM. Happy. From rich colored sweaters, to flowy chiffony tops, to one particular dress I actually cried over when I tried on, my haul from Brandie is THE BEST, even better than online shopping. I took some pics of my favorite sweater this morning, thus inspiring this post, YOU'RE WELCOME.

This is a sweater from Target. I LOVE the neckline and color.

I know my glasses are crooked, deal with it for now.
 I love this sweater with my dark skinneh jeans and over the knee boots from Lane Bryant.

Another favorite is this dress from Asos! How fucking cute is this? I mean seriously. Brandie wore the shit out of this dress at Cosmo Con and I am happy to have it. I can't wait to wear it. Maybe for my 30th birthday? I dunno. I won't wear this with the heels pictured but they're the only ones I own and I wanted to see how it would look with heels. So there we go. Look how happy I am! haha.

Get out there and talk to your friends, swap clothing and find a new style. I feel like Brandie and I have different styles because our body shapes are actually different, even though we are close to the same size. Some of the things she sent I wouldn't pick for myself off the shelf, but they look amazing on! 

I can't stress enough how much I love the things she sent. FRIENDSHIP!

This will be a two part post, because I have other outfits to take pictures of. This isn't a fashion blog so we'll all just have to deal with photos of me in my dirty mirror. 

Also, dumps like a truck, truck, truck. 
Thighs like what, what, what. 

Just wanted to post a picture of my butt and yes I wear those boots for nearly every outfit.


  1. I LOVE all of these looks, Jessica! It's great to see you posting again after what feels like YEARS. :)

    That red sweater is GORGEOUS, that dress looks SO BEAUTIFUL on you, and totally love your last casual look. LOVE those boots!


  2. Omg I love all of those outfits!!!!Aww y'all are gonna make me cry...FRIENDSHIP

  3. I love that sweater on you! The color is amazing! Keep blogging... you are awesome :)

  4. Love it all! The wine colored top is so gorgeous!