Sunday, March 18, 2012

Juicin'. *UPDATED*

As some of you may know, I won a juicer a few weeks ago! Wake Up with Taylor was giving away a juicer to the first caller who could sing the outro to Kenny's Fat Kid Friday song, and YOUR GIRL aka me, won it! Matt and I juiced for the first time this morning and it was really great! We basically followed Dr. Oz's Green Juice recipe with just a few changes:

1 large cucumber
4 granny smith apples
1 lemons
4 carrots
1 large naval orange
4 handfuls of spinach
2 stalks of celery
1 large bunch of parsley

We ran the pulp through the machine just to be sure we got the most out of it.

I did a taste test after each ingredient was added just so I know what to add or take away. I was really intrigued by the apple, citrus, cucumber combo that tasted like concentrated spa water. I think this would be great juice to freeze in ice trays and add to water. instant spa water! Super tasty.

I have to admit I was really nervous during this process! Thankfully my husband was just as nervous and excited. The juice actually turned out really great. The main thing I could taste was the lemon and  parsley, and I didn't really mind that at all.  It tasted kind of the way a fresh mowed lawn smells.  We made the juice in batches, it was enough for us each to have one 8 ounce glass and I stored the rest in mason jars. My juice should be good for 72 hours, so come Tuesday evening I will make another batch. A few hours after my first juice I actually feel different. Maybe it's just a placebo effect but I feel like I've had coffee today, I'm really energized.

Matt and I are in the middle of watching "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" and are thinking about doing a juice fast! I think it will be a great jumping off point to a better lifestyle.

**I've modified my recipe for this a tad. I use 2 cucumbers instead of 1, I've nixed the carrots and added swiss chard, I've also added pineapple! Changes made per Mr. Kenny Bobby Zimlinghausy. If I had to measure it I'd say I use about half a pineapple per batch. Ya Welcome**


  1. Jessie, "Fat Sick & Nearly Dead" keeps coming up in my Netflix suggestions. You'll have to give your adoring public a review of the film. That juice looks crazy but healthy. Hope it works. Besos.

  2. What brand of juicer did you get?