Monday, November 7, 2011


Dudes. It's cold, and I want to buy everything. I've gotten a head start this year with this cable knit skirt thingy from ASOS. I kind of love it, kind of hate it but I'm gonna wear the shit out of it as soon as I get some appropriate shoes. Fuck the booties I have now, those mothers hurt my feet.

My favorite part of being an adult is having to buy a baller dress for the Christmas parties I have to attend. The Christmas party for my job usually only consists of dinner at a fancy type place where the only coworker I really get along with and I drink all of the wine and laugh louder than anyone else on the planet. I'm quite looking forward to it. My husband's company is a crap shoot every year, sometimes it's dinner, sometimes it's dinner and dancing, but there's always drinks and that's what the holidays are really all about right? right bro. So this year I have a few dresses picked out but I need direction on my stupid hair and shoes, as always, shoes lose me. I hope someday I can be a real girl. 

First there's ASOS, who never ever fails to disappoint me. I love this brand. 

Next up The Limited has a new line for big bitches called "eloquii", and I first saw this dress on the beautiful Gabi of and I kind of want it. Yellow looks weird on me though.

I'm pretty much leaning toward the black tutu from ASOS. 

So basically, that's what I'm twerkin' with this holiday season. However, I may not be able to get any of these dresses if I don't slow my roll on eating everything in sight. I got all emo on the planet last week and basically gave up on everything. Things really came to light for me yesterday when I spent almost $30 at Sonic for lunch for myself and Matt. It was pretty bad. I won't get into details but I ate a lot.  ha ha. 

Hope y'all like the new layout :) Holler.


  1. Love all the ASOS options, but the black tutu rocks. I'd add a bright shoe in leather or suede, a gold funky clutch. Hot rollers in hair for big bouncy curls? Do it gal! Now I'm off to check if ASOS ships to Can-uh-duh. :)

  2. Wow, if you can rock that tutu dress then I say go for it. I think red shoes (because red pumps are something you can wear with other things like jeans) and also a pop of color on your clutch. You could go Christmas-y and get a green tone or you could go metallic with either gold or silver. I agree to make your hair bouncy and leave it down so it looks fun and has movement.

    If I were choosing the dress for me, my eye goes to the first Asos dress, but I have no clue what that cut of dress would look like on. Those are my two faves, though! I wish I had a Christmas party to get all dressed up for! I want to buy a dress!