Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cosmo Con.

So basically what happened was this, I went to NYC to hang out with my friends. As a bonus, I got to meet Taylor, Kenny, Stephanie, Lea and my lovely peanut butter - Patrick. Who are these people? They are the people I hang out with when I'm working. Taylor, Kenny and Steph are part of Wake Up with Taylor. Patrick and Lea host Cocktails with Patrick, both shows are on Cosmo Radio Sirius/XM 109. My online buddies and I decided to meet in NYC, it all came together very nicely. Here's the tale of my journey.

Wednesday Mary and I drove from San Angelo to San Antonio, we had dinner at Landry's on the Riverwalk, we got a little drunk. We waited 4 1/2 hours or so for our hotel room to get ready and we chatted all about our trip. I made a friend named Edward who was from Alberta Canada. Once we got to our room, I fired up my Music Dock App and started listening to Cocktails with Patrick as urged by my buddy Tyler (@Flashmagoo) that this show couldn't be missed. I stayed up until nearly 2 a.m.

I'm admittedly a worry wart, so my first worry for this trip was that my fat butt would not fit in the seat on the airplane. After only about 3 hours of sleep I was anxious. I all but had a panic attack as it came time to board, but I fit like a glove and even had a little room left in my seat belt. THANK YA JESUS. As that worry faded away, the real excitement for the trip quickly overcame me and a new worry wormed it's way into my tiny brain. Was I going to meet Patrick? I knew for sure, that I would get to meet, hug, and cry all over Kenny, Taylor and Steph from Wake Up With Taylor, but would Patrick show? Would he be comfortable? Would I be comfortable? Would I have to regulate on girls asking to take pictures with him? Would he like me in person? Would he even recognize me? All of the worries about Patrick. I can always find something to worry about if you just give me the opportunity.  I spent the majority of the time in the air staring out the window and listening Wake Up with Taylor thanks to the available WIFI. Every time Cosmo Con was mentioned, the knot in my stomach tightened.

When we landed, I sent a direct message to my friend Kim (@KimmyGibb) on Twitter. Kim was waiting for me at the baggage claim. As I made my way through the airport I caught a glimpse of another pink tshirt and I squealed.Kim and I hugged and laughed and it was the best. Mary and I got our bags and chatted with Kim on the taxi drive all the way to the hotel where Faith (@FCJewelryDesign ), Molly (@Mawry) Lauren (@dumblonde9183), Jenn (@Jenoogle) and and Rachel (@PromoRach) were waiting for us to grab lunch. I stepped into the hotel and we all squealed again, all of my friends were there. The instantaneous connection to everyone was so overwhelming, it was like seeing friends from high school or something all over again, except that I'd never met these people before. After dropping off our luggage we hit the streets for grub and my head felt as if on a swivel. I tried to take in every sight I could as we walked quickly through the financial district, past the World Trade Center Memorial and into a small pub.

We had lunch, we talked we laughed. As lunch ended and we made our way back to the hotel I began sending text messages and tweets to the girls I was still waiting to meet. Back at the hotel I got a message from bestie Ashlee (@AshleeAusome), saying that she was in the parking garage. Jenn and I made our way down to meet her. We hugged as if we were long lost siblings, this might have been one of my favorite memories from the whole trip. With tears in my eyes (shocker) we helped Ashlee check in and got upstairs to get ready for the welcome reception.

I have to pause here and give credit to Katherine (@KMSR18). I got a lot of thank you's and congratulations over the weekend but I can't stress enough that I literally did nothing. Katherine deserves credit for putting the welcome reception together. She did SO MUCH for us over the weekend and I can't take credit for any of it. The only thing I did was pick the date, I'm also fairly sure that I picked the name "Cosmo Con" but that's debatable. Also Tara Aka Mother Effer (@TaraTheFoodie) deserves mucho credit for picking some stellar places to eat and for having her hands in the organization as well. You ladies are the best. Thank you thank you thank you! Now everyone go to twitter and thank them.

I wore a purple off the shoulder shirt that was too big but I didn't care, I was saving all of the my better outfits for other events. Once we were all ready we stepped outside to walk the few blocks to the welcome reception at View of the World Terrace Club. As soon as I stepped outside my big beautiful Texas hair fell down and became flat. I had to pause for moment later that night and try to salvage my 'do with a side braid. It didn't really work. We were greeted at the entrance to our party with a raffle supporting Kenny's movie Larry and Carl, the winner of the raffle would get a pair of Christian Louboutins. I had no interest in the shoes but I definitely wanted to support Kenny, so I entered. I didn't win. Shocker. We were then greeted by a table of shot glasses filled with Cosmos! Yes I'll have one of those, thank you. Immediately after taking a shot, we began with drinks. Kim and I joined forces and stayed with the Cosmopolitan theme and we drank them freely as this was an open bar. I made my way around the crowd, shook hands and hugged everyone. At some point while taking in the amazing view from the terrace someone said to me, "Tara's here!" Tara is very special to me as she was my first real fake life friend through Cosmo Radio. I've known her the longest and was very anxious to meet her. I jumped up from my seat and made my way to the entrance and there she was! She caught sight of me and she got a little teary as did I. I hugged her and her wonderful boyfriend Mark and we made our way to the bar.

At some point everyone was feeling a bit chilly so we made our way inside. I have to say, the weather for me was amazing and I wasn't cold at all. Coming from Texas where it had been over 100 degrees for most of the summer, the cool weather was a treat for me and I didn't want to give it up, but it began to sprinkle and my make up wasn't primed for that. While inside, a few of us commandeered a corner of the place to sit and talk, I sat on the floor. A bigger group formed and we took pictures and laughed. Katherine came over and tried really hard to get our attention but at this point we were all so comfortable with each other, we were all talking and laughing and drinking. ha ha. Poor Katherine, I'm sure trying to get us all together was like trying to herd cats. Anyway, she finally got our attention and we were going over what the plan was for the next day, and as memory serves she said "And who are we going to see tomorrow?" and as we all began to say "Taylor and Kenny!" Taylor and Kenny in the flesh walked in and the crowd went wild. My bracelet got ripped off of my wrist, I think I threw my purse up in the air in a fit of joy, and I wrapped my arms around Kenny's neck like he was my long lost father. And the tears, OH THE TEARS. Vodka tears all over Mister Mans. I couldn't help it. I'd had approximately 7 Cosmos at this point with an 8th sitting on the table. I figured I needed them to relax and we were only going to be going back to the hotel so why the hell not? It was a beautiful, wonderful surprise. With tears in my dumb eyes, I scanned the group for someone having a similar reaction, my eyes caught Kim's and I took her by the arm to the bathroom. We held each other and cried! ha ha. It was such a special moment thinking back on it now. We screamed and laughed, "Is this real life? Is this happening right now?" I love Kim so much. We finally got ourselves together and went back out to join the crowd. I could hardly look at Taylor, she's so beautiful, so funny, so smart and so nice! I was so nervous. When I'm nervous I get verbal diarrhea. By the time the trip was over everyone knew my life story, but that's ok. Kenny and Tay stayed and talked with us for a while, we left eventually and made our way back to the hotel for our pajama/pizza party.

Back at the hotel we all changed into our pj's and made our way to Melissa and Sarah's suite upstairs. So fancy! We ate pizza and talked and laughed. As I was getting ready to make my way to bed, someone said that Lori (@mistresslo) and Melissa (@FrigZ) were on their way. They weren't due to arrive until Friday but were coming in early, so of course I had to stay! When they arrived, we hugged and laughed. See a recurring theme here? We stayed up and talked and talked until we finally drug ourselves up to our own rooms. Ashlee, Jenn and I roomed together, we stayed up ad talked until I don't know when, but I was wide awake at 5:00 am, ready for Fat Kid Friday in the fishbowl at the Sirius/XM studios.

We met in the lobby with Tara and some of the other girls and hopped the subway to Avenue of the Americas. As we made our way through security I began to feel anxious, and I felt my hair falling. Boo to the humidity killing my hair. All of the pictures taken of me on this day are awful - that's just a disclaimer. We made our way up the elevator and up to the fishbowl, and it was already packed. Some of the girls left earlier and got most of the seats. However, Kim and LaToya were motioning to me, they had saved me a seat. I could feel my eyes swelling up. How nice is that? "We had to save a seat for Hug Kiss". Wah! I could have cried right there but I kept it together surprisingly. We had the privilege of being fed by Dinosaur Barbeque for Fat Kid Friday. This BBQ was AH-MAZING. Coming from Texas and being a woman of girth, I feel like I know my BBQ, and this stuff was no joke. At the end of the broadcast we all mingled and I managed to snag a hug from Lea, the producer for Cocktails with Patrick. She assured us that Patrick would be showing up to the happy hour event later on that night. A group of us left the studio and ventured out towards Time Square. I found a Sephora, I spent some money. It was so necessary. I got some great hairspray by Bumble and Bumble and a new face supplied by Make Up Forever's body and face foundation. I also got some new awesome red lip color that everyone seemed to really like. After trekking our way through Times Square and due to lack of sleep, I was ready to go back to the hotel and rest for a bit before having to get ready for our event at Beauty Bar.

After a short rest, we all began to get ready and I obsessed over every detail from my hair to my lipstick. I had felt so inferior and gross the two days prior that I really wanted to get it right this time. Our large group arrived at beauty bar and sat down inside. Kenny had mentioned on air that there was some trepidation with this establishment, and while I don't really know the details, it was clear when we got there that they weren't exactly expecting us. It's my understanding that we were to have the back room, well there was a big sign that said BACK ROOM CLOSED. It wasn't long before a waitress very rudely came over to us and said "You need to order a drink or you need to leave". Those may not have been her exact words, but that was the gist and she was quite rude. I stood up and said, "I'd rather just wait outside for Kenny", we all ended up outside. Why give money to this establishment if we weren't going to have our event there? Tara arrived and got Kenny on the phone and decided to find another place to have our happy hour. Katherine got on her phone and we ended up a few blocks away at the W hotel.

I can't remember exactly who showed up first or what happened exactly but I do recall having 3 watermelon crushes (watermelon with vodka). I was standing by the door because I was wearing a long sleeved tshirt and it was quite warm with so many people in there and I wanted to feel the breeze as the door opened and closed. I turned to make my way outside when I saw Patrick standing outside talking to someone, Lea was with him. Instead of going outside I made my way deeper into the crowd. I didn't want to be the first person he saw and I didn't want to seem anxious so I took my drink and finished it before I introduced myself. I finally made my way to Patrick and held my hand out for a shake and said "Hi! I'm Jessica!" He looked a little puzzled as he shook my hand, and I said, "Jessica from Texas, Hug Kiss." Patrick exclaimed, "Hug Kiss!" and gave me a hug. It was the best. I hugged Lea immediately after and then went upstairs to dry my eyes. I cried again later that night when Patrick and I had a bit of a moment. I couldn't help myself. I'm an emotional mess and I admit that openly. At one point in the night Patrick asked to take a picture with me and has been discussed on his show, Patrick isn't a fan of taking pictures really. So of course I said "Are you sure? You really don't have to." But LaToya (@ltykr) ended up taking a beautiful picture of us. I was so happy! I have so much admiration and respect for Patrick, and the picture means a lot to me. It's a great reminder of that night and the whole trip. I told Kenny about the farm that Erin (@dontburntheday) and DFish (@DanielleFishel) and I wanted to start. He said, "Let's do it!" The most meaningful conversation for me was had with Stephanie, the producer of Wake Up. I can't express how much I love that girl. I bugged Kenny repeatedly for pictures and he graciously said, "I'll do whatever you want". What an amazing guy. I love me some Kenny! I did speak with Taylor briefly but so many girls were buzzing around her I didn't want to be a bother, I wish I would have talked with her more.

Later that night I got into a fight with a taxi driver and my feet were killing me but it was easily the best night ever. The weekend wore on with quality time with many of the girls at Shake Shack and The Natural History Museum Saturday afternoon and dinner at Mesa Grill Saturday night, followed by Molly and Ashlee and I dancing with Lea at a club in alphabet city.There are so many lovely girls who I am so proud to call my friends all of these girls, 50 new friends who all treated me personally like I was kind of a big deal. It was so unexpected and so crazy I couldn't believe it, it was so great! Sunday was the saddest day because everyone was gearing up to leave. We said our goodbye's and Mary and I made our way home on Monday. There are still girls I've yet to meet who didn't make it on our trip, but I still love them just as much as everyone else and look forward to the day I get to hug all of you. This means you, Brooke, Erin, DFish and the rest of ya. All in all it was a great trip! I can not wait for next year!


  1. started bawling by the third paragraph. what a GREAT wrapup - love it and love YOU!

  2. This was so nice! I love you HugKiss <3

  3. "So, basically what happened was this..." and then 2,872 more words. Nice.