Monday, April 18, 2011

Texas is Burning

I used to write quite frequently but I stopped many years ago. This morning I had brief inspiration, good thing I had my phone with me so I could jot this down.

Texas is Burning

The sky is red and the wind is high
And Texas is burning
The unchanging waters are churning this time
And Texas is burning
The fish are sparse and the lakes are dry
And Texas is burning
The bluebonnets are gone and the earth is scorched
Texas is burning
My eyes are unfocused, my lungs ache for air
My Texas is burning
Oh please Mama take me home
Where Texas is burning
The flames in my heart the warmth of soul
Know that Texas is burning
Save our memories, forsake our homes
Our Texas is burning


  1. Nice Jess!! Sorry about the fires though. Is your house in danger?

  2. As of now, we are not in danger. The fires are mostly in the country.