Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What I bought this week or My cart is never empty

I buy lots of clothes online. I keep many things in my cart but limit my purchases to one or two things at a time. Pretty good justification huh? I buy at least one item every two weeks. The Fed Ex guy knows where my office is in our building now and we are on a first name basis. Don't judge me. I am a plus sized lady so I have to buy a lot of things online. I live in a tiny town that barely has regular size clothes. WORST. I don't mind buying stuff online as long as the return policy is reasonable. I love Torrid but returns are not free which makes no sense to me at all. Old Navy was my poison this week, take a peek.

Pleat Front Jersey Maxi Dress

I like it because it's brown. It's a little shorter than I would like but I've decided to keep it. Old Navy is usually at hit or miss for me but I don't have a big problem with them because even though you have to return plus sizes through Fed Ex it's fairly simple. Will be rocking this look with flip flops and big hoop earrings. (Big hoop earrings have been my thing since high school)

Ruffle Sleeve Eyelet Top

This shirt has huge sleeves. I love it though, it's kind of dramatic. It's a little sheer so I wear a cami under it which is kind of a bummer. I have really been into blue lately so this is a nice addition to my trifling wardrobe. I wore this shirt to a bridal shower on Sunday and it was a big hit, I got a bunch of compliments on it. 

Tummy Trimmer Boot Cut Jeans

These jeans are the best jeans I've ever purchased in life. They are really flattering even though my hips are out of control. I can't recommend them enough if you have a bit of a tummy. My ass looks phenomenal as well.  I wore these jeans with the blue top above and my red peep toe flats. Cute as shit right? Totes.

Ruffle Trim Jersey Top

I have been looking for some casual shirts to wear to work that aren't tshirts, and this is one I really wanted to try. It's really cute, but I washed it once and because the material is so thin (cheap as shit) a small hole materialized. I'm pretty sad about it because I love this shirt and it's too late to return it because I got it more than 30 days ago. WAH!

Flowered Maxi Dress

I just had to post this dress because it's amazing. I need to have it altered at the top because it's a bit too big, but I love it.

Old Navy is usually my go to because I know for the most part what fits me and what sizes I need. The price is very attractive. They also have random sales and discounts that I'm notified of by email. 

Do you guys shop online? What are some of your favorite stores?

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