Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things I Can't Live Without or Saturday Adventures

So I had a Bath and Bodyworks gift card burning a hole in my pocket. I happened to get an email that some new fragrances were out and I only had 7 bottles of hand soap left. (OCD) So, after disrespecting Sushi at Shogun on Saturday....

Oh My God Roll and Firecracker Roll lovely husband took me to the mall.

I indulged in the Fresh Market line in Strawberry, Watermelon, Blueberry and Country Apple. These all smell delicious. My only complaint is that BBW didn't have the moisturizing cleansing soap with this line, so that was a bummer. 

I LOVE the PINK line by Victoria's Secret, so I had to try these two Aloha PINK body lotions. They both smell very different but very light and clean and very fresh. My husband tells me how great I smell all the time now because of these. Highly recommended. 

The night before all of this went down, some of my twitter buddies and I thought about doing a twit pic party. We had to go all around and take pics of a bunch of random things, I can't remember the list now but it was so much fun! I know we had to take a picture of our pet or our significant other and this is what I took at Shogun. I know Matt looks super into it and my face looks like a Picasso. Seriously, wonky ass eye and shit.

I asked Matt to take me downtown because there are some cool shops and things that we've never been to, and while San Angelo isn't my favorite, there are some really cool places to go and things to see downtown. We went into a general store that will remain nameless because you're not supposed to take pictures in there, but whatever. I'm a thug and I don't give a damn. So here's one I managed to snap before my husband shut me down and made me aware of the "No Photos" sign posted. 

We also had to get a picture with a stranger. My stranger Marilyn, was one of the friendliest people I've ever met. I love Texas, the people are amazing. She was a good sport. She owns one of the antique stores on a very popular strip downtown. Pardon my lady lumps bitches.

So that was my Saturday in a nutshell! That night Matty made some killer iron skillet steak and I contributed oven fries with parmesan cheese, it was off the charts. Sunday is my chore day. It's all about laundry, dusting, cleaning and grocery store. I hate Sunday :) for supper I made a steak pepper hash with Anaheim peppers and red onions on top of loaded mashed potatoes. Yes. It was amazing. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Patty Melt and Cork and Pig or Jesus himself made this sammich

Last week for my good friend Angela's birthday, a co worker and I took her out to lunch at The Cork and Pig Tavern here in San Angelo. Angela and I both ordered the CPT patty melt. I fell in love. For our 2 year anniversary, I went and picked this up for my husband for lunch on Sunday. Still in love. I should have taken a picture of this delicious treat but, I ate it way too fast. Oops. CPT menu

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jergens Natural Glow Lotion

2 posts ago, I mentioned that I didn't have any new products to write about. I lied. I forgot all about Jergens Natural Glow Lotion.

I am as white as a sheet of paper. My mother is mexican but I inherited nothing physical from her. She is petite and brown and cute as a button. I am a snow beast. I bought this lotion in hopes it would work in time for my friend's wedding on Saturday. I didn't develop any color until Monday, to be fair, I bought it on Thursday and the instructions state that it would take several days to work. If I was really dedicated I would have taken before and after photos but I'm not that clever.

All that being said, I really like this stuff! I actually look like I have a bit of a tan. It's really cool. I forgot to wash my hands after applying it Monday night and I was yellow between my fingers the next day which was unsightly and kinda gross, but that was my fault. I have a history of cancer in my family so I'm really concerned about laying out in the sun or going to a tanning bed. I thought about doing a mystic tan but figured I would try this out first just to see if it would work and it does! So if you're pasty like I am, give this stuff a try. It doesn't work right away but I like that, that way you can control how dark you want to be or if you don't like the way it looks you can just stop. :) Happy tanning!

Struggles McGee

The last few days have had me thinking about high school and junior high.

I have never ever been a person who conformed to anything. I am many things, but a follower is not one of them. I'm not someone who needed or wanted desperately to fit in with the popular kids. I was a leader of my own band of rejects and we were amazing. The only time I wished that I was with the in crowd was in 7th grade, when a popular boy kissed me behind the school and begged me not to tell anyone. He called me later that night and said that we could be boyfriend and girlfriend in secret, but that wasn't good enough for me. He wanted to hide me from his friends and from the rest of the school, because he knew that my crimped hair, baggy overalls and over sized t shirts would get him ridiculed. I wanted desperately to be thinner, more stylish and more popular, but I would not compromise myself for him or for anyone.

I have never lacked in attention from guys or been lonely from lack of friends, but people really judge you when you're bigger and some assume that you've never had a boyfriend, or that you lack social skills. When walking with cute boys in school, thinner girls would always talk shit. ALWAYS. It was so annoying. It is super hard to be a plus sized person in this world. I struggle with laziness and food control. I struggle with lots of things, but that doesn't mean that I'm a bad person or that I don't deserve to live in this world with the rest of you. I know lots of other plus sized people deal with this kind of thing, and it's really sad. I have never been a judgmental person. People can do whatever they want, like whatever they like. I'm not one to turn my nose up at anyone. I hate when people do that to me so I surely never want to do that. I hate that girls have this negative connotation that we all talk about each other behind each others backs and that we are so judgmental. I can't speak for everyone but I am not like that. If I have something to say about you, you can bet that I will say it to your face. I really value my friendships and am not one to be competitive with my friends, I always want the best for my friends.

Lately, I have been trying to really find my style, which is really hard since I have to order the majority of my clothes online, another pitfall of the extra awesomeness that is me and my lady lumps. I've been trying to find myself in clothes, in weight loss and in food. Last night while rediscovering some amazing music (lost NSync tracks, judge me if you wish, I don't give an F) I got to thinking about the girl I used to be. Where has she gone? I am not dresses, high heels, or skinny girl clothes. I never ever have been any of that. I am trying to lose weight now to prevent health risks in the future, but in the midst of that I've been caught up in shit I never was and never will be - skinny.

At my thinnest, I was a size 12 in the 9th grade. I was always active,  I played basketball, volleyball, ran track and played some softball from 4th grade all the way up through high school, but I have always been the biggest girl on the team. Now that school is out and my activity level has dropped to zero I have gained a ton of weight. I'm unhappy with the weight I am now and would give anything to be back to a size 12, but I am learning to live in the body I have now. I can't just hide myself away until I'm a size 12 again.

I suppose this is just a note to remind myself that I am ok. I am still beautiful. I have an amazing husband, a great family and really good friends online and off.

I am a good wife
I am a ponytail
I am 2 pairs of converse
I am jeans (everyday)
I am glasses
I am funny as shit
I am popular
I am gregarious
I am a social butterfly
I am a good friend
I am a good listener
I am always willing to help
I am so fucking nice

Monday, March 21, 2011

Belated postie

Now I remember why I stopped blogging to begin with, it's hard to remember to do it.ha ha. I bought lots of stuff last week, sorta. I had some coupons and other "free cash" mailed to me so I took advantage before it all expired. Here we go:

City Chic


So, these were my purchases last week. Love all of it and have worn most of it so far! The 3rd top from City Chic requires it to be washed in a laundry bag and I don't have one of those so I haven't worn it yet. I also bought some black dressy type pants from Torrid but they are way too long, I just noticed that I ordered "Extra Tall" instead of "Tall". Dumb me. So I will be taking them to get altered. It's too much of a pain to return and exchange them, since returns aren't free with Torrid. They fit great, they're just about an inch too long.

My best friend from home got married on Saturday, I was in the wedding party and my outfit consisted of a "watermelon" colored dress from David's Bridal...

 and Converse! 

I will post pics of the wedding when they become available. I didn't take many pictures because I was the matron of honor and I didn't really lug my phone or my camera around. 

No new beauty products to speak of this week, I did get my hair done for the wedding and I didn't get a picture of it either. Boo! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Drunken craziness aside, I had a blast this past weekend. We went to Lubbock and my parents took us out to Louie Louies Piano Bar. I threw up and had a sore throat the next day but it was SO MUCH FUN. Screaming "Living on a Prayer" at the top of your lungs is pretty under rated.

My wonderful mother in law Amanda bought me a Shirley Temple DVD set along with an Archie Comic. Both of which I LOVE. (I have such weird taste, I know.) ha!

On Thursday, my super awesome husband hooked me up with the "Xena: Warrior Princess" series on DVD. I know, it's weird and who really watched that show anyway? I did. My grandma and I watched the shit out of it, it's amazing. In 6th grade I become completely obsessed with Greek Mythology. When I was young I  spent time with my grandparents in the small Texas town of Trinidad, there were only 3 local channels and no cable, no satellite dish. I spent my summers at the video store and at the library. I checked out nearly every book I could find about Greek Mythology and I still love it. 

Note to self: I should read more.

Anyway, Matt also got me a gift card to Sephora, which he busted out on the drive from San Angelo to Lubbock. Driving in the middle of nowhere, he pulled it out of his pocket. So sweet. I love Sephora.

At Sephora I bought the Smashbox HD foundation that I have been dying to try. I never would have bought it for myself because it's a little pricey. This stuff is AMAZING. It's so light on my skin and the coverage is exactly what I need. It has a bit of a yellow undertone that is SO good for my skin color. It's light enough that you can still see the freckles on my face.

I also splurged on a new foundation brush, lip stain by LORAC in first kiss and some bare minerals blush in rose radiance.

Courtesy of my little brother Anthony, I bought big ass bottles of Bed Head's Moisture Maniac by TIGI.

I love the way this stuff smells. It has been so windy and dry and basically gross here lately that my hair is really aching for moisture. I'm back and forthing between this and regular old Dove Daily Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

My mom and dad know that I love Bath and Body Works. They also know that I love all fruity smells, so they got me the newest fragrances in Baili Mango and Hawaii Coconut. I have the body sprays, body lotions and body wash. I love how fresh and clean they both smell. YUM! 

Those are my products for the week. I haven't bought any new clothes recently. I'm trying to abstain until I lose a few pounds. However, if you are plus size and are looking for a fierce bathing suit. Check out Monif C. I will be purchasing one of these, not sure which one yet. 

I'm also on the lookout for a new hair style. I've been growing my hair out but it gets to a point where it goes limp and flat and gross. I finally found a hair dresser that I like so I'm hoping she can hook me up and give me some ideas.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What I bought this week or My cart is never empty

I buy lots of clothes online. I keep many things in my cart but limit my purchases to one or two things at a time. Pretty good justification huh? I buy at least one item every two weeks. The Fed Ex guy knows where my office is in our building now and we are on a first name basis. Don't judge me. I am a plus sized lady so I have to buy a lot of things online. I live in a tiny town that barely has regular size clothes. WORST. I don't mind buying stuff online as long as the return policy is reasonable. I love Torrid but returns are not free which makes no sense to me at all. Old Navy was my poison this week, take a peek.

Pleat Front Jersey Maxi Dress

I like it because it's brown. It's a little shorter than I would like but I've decided to keep it. Old Navy is usually at hit or miss for me but I don't have a big problem with them because even though you have to return plus sizes through Fed Ex it's fairly simple. Will be rocking this look with flip flops and big hoop earrings. (Big hoop earrings have been my thing since high school)

Ruffle Sleeve Eyelet Top

This shirt has huge sleeves. I love it though, it's kind of dramatic. It's a little sheer so I wear a cami under it which is kind of a bummer. I have really been into blue lately so this is a nice addition to my trifling wardrobe. I wore this shirt to a bridal shower on Sunday and it was a big hit, I got a bunch of compliments on it. 

Tummy Trimmer Boot Cut Jeans

These jeans are the best jeans I've ever purchased in life. They are really flattering even though my hips are out of control. I can't recommend them enough if you have a bit of a tummy. My ass looks phenomenal as well.  I wore these jeans with the blue top above and my red peep toe flats. Cute as shit right? Totes.

Ruffle Trim Jersey Top

I have been looking for some casual shirts to wear to work that aren't tshirts, and this is one I really wanted to try. It's really cute, but I washed it once and because the material is so thin (cheap as shit) a small hole materialized. I'm pretty sad about it because I love this shirt and it's too late to return it because I got it more than 30 days ago. WAH!

Flowered Maxi Dress

I just had to post this dress because it's amazing. I need to have it altered at the top because it's a bit too big, but I love it.

Old Navy is usually my go to because I know for the most part what fits me and what sizes I need. The price is very attractive. They also have random sales and discounts that I'm notified of by email. 

Do you guys shop online? What are some of your favorite stores?

Adventures in Beauty or Why is there no room under my bathroom sink?

Speaking with Tara on Twitta today got me thinking about hair care and beauty products. It looks like a damn WalGreens up under my bathroom sink, (Sorry Matt) and a ton of these things are must have go to products for me.  When I pack for a weekend out of town to visit our parents, I have a hard time choosing what all to take, so a lot of times I take everything. Lubbock water is much harder than San Angelo water and I can never quite get the combo of products down, I spend a lot of time at work thinking about what bottles need to be packed to make my wig presentable. Because I use so many products I'm going to post what I use weekly.

First up Wig Maintenance, this is what is taking up room in my shower this week:

Catwalk by TIGI - Headshot for Hydration

My hair has been looking like straw thanks to the West Texas wind and dirt and all the heat I use to style, so I opted for Headshot. This shampoo and conditioner really works wonders if your hair is dying of thirst. The conditioner can be a bit heavy, so I only use a small amount on my ends. On Friday or Saturday nights (par-tay whoo hoo) I deep condition with this conditioner as you can leave it on as a mask longer than your normal conditioning routine. It feels like Winterfresh gum on your scalp, I really dig the pepperminty cool feeling and I love the smell of this stuff. It's my number one choice for hydration. TIGI is never a let down for me but it can be a little pricey, well worth the investment though in my opinion.

Daily Moisture Therapy by Dove 
I am certainly no snob when it comes to grocery store/pharmacy products. I use and like a lot of them. Dove is my general go to when I can't splurge on Frederic Fekkai or TIGI or any other of the millions of other products that are more than 5 bucks a bottle. This is what I take with me to Lubbock on most of trips because it's very light and rinses clean for me. I also find the Dove volumizing mousse really light weight and not sticky at all, love it. 

Luxurious Volume by John Frieda

During the work day I really need volume. I also use the mousse or root lifting spray of the same brand, whichever I can find. I recently started using the Clarifying Shampoo that comes in a slightly different bottle, I like it much more than the regular Volumizing Shampoo. I blow dry upside down then I usually set my curling iron on the lowest setting to style my hair so that it looks like this: 

It doesn't always come out this way but I do my best. My hair is naturally fine, thin and pretty lifeless. I envy girls with natural wave or thick hair. It's so hard to get the Victoria's Secret thing going on with hair like mine. I try to stay away from hair spray as much as I can because the alcohol really dries your hair out, but I have to use something to set it, so I stick with the John Frieda Luxurious Volume hair spray. 

Next up, face paint.

I'm pretty loyal with my make up products. My skin is very sensitive to certain kinds of make up and I've found that Maybelline and CoverGirl, no matter the product dry my skin out to no end, so I haven't really tried any of their products in quite some time.  Sorry T Swift.

Bare Minerals aka The Shit

My favorite make up this year is all about Bare Minerals. There is an amazing outlet mall in San Marcos that had some crazy sales this summer and I stocked up on eye shadow and lip gloss. I have just started using the "Matte" powder foundation and have found that it covers much more than the non matte. I love it! However, I found that the coloring varies a bit, I usually get "Fairly Light" in the regular Bare Minerals foundation but in the matte I use "Fair". The only complaint I have about Bare Minerals is that it seems to take a while to apply it compared to other make up. I will admit I was late to the make up game, not really trying it out until my senior year of high school, so I'm still doing a lot of experimenting (not that kind perv) to find out what I like. So, if you wear Bare Minerals do you use the skin rever upper and the primer? I do, I use it all and it seems to take forever in the morning but it lasts all day.

Clinique Almost Make Up 

When I'm in a rush or keeping it casual for the day I opt for Clinique's Almost Make Up. It's very light weight, light coverage with SPF. I can't wear it if my skin looks blotchy or I'm chilling with some rosacea, but when I'm having a good skin day it's fabulous.  The only thing I don't like about it is that it seems to wear off quickly, but that is remedied by a quick application of primer.

Speaking of primer, I picked up a tip from a website about using Monistat's non chaffing cream as primer. I use it when I'm not wearing Bare Minerals and it is AMAZING. Who knew? Just a tiny dab all over your face sets your make up for all day wear, it's genius. Not sure how it works on oily skin though. 

Sally Hensen Natural Beauty Air Spray Makeup by Carmindy

I tried this product for no other reason other than I love Carmindy. I watch "What Not to Wear" religiously and find her make up tips really easy to follow. I can't say enough about this make up, I love it so much. It goes on really smooth and stays put most of the day but I guess I don't know what I'm doing, but I had been spraying it on a sponge and then applying it to my face but it felt like a waste since a lot of it ends up in the sponge. That being said I like it a lot but can't find it at any stores around here, I suppose I'll have to order it online soon. 

As far as mascara goes I have to say that I love the Cover Girl  Lash Blast line. Love it. I line my upper lash with black, purple, green or blue liner (also Cover Girl) and curl my lashes with an eye lash curler (do people still do that? I hope I'm not the only one ha ha) and it lasts all day, comes off easily in the shower and doesn't flake. 

Another favorite of mine is from Sally Hensen's Natural Beauty Mascara by Carmindy. It goes on nicely and I love the small brush for more control. It looks so natural, it's definitely one you at least have to try once! I can't say enough about it. It's awesome and affordable.

Those two are my favorites, and I'm willing to try any new ones that come out. One that I am emphatically against is Big Tease by Bare Minerals. It goes on beautifully and lasts all day but I hate taking it off, it's a mess. Even in the shower this stuff runs down my eyes like someone threw ink in my face, that alone makes me not want to wear it. My eyes are really dry so I use eye drops throughout the day, I'm also a sensitive baby and tend to cry a lot and it's impossible with this mascara. At least with the first two I can tear up a bit without any mess at all. 

As far as lips go, I haven't found anything that I really love unfortunately. I really want something light that lasts all day that isn't sticky or goopy. For my wedding, my make up lady used a lasting lip color from MAC that I really liked. I used to be really into MAC and then they added some ingredient that made my skin break out so I had to leave it alone, I really loved it though. Anyway, the lip gloss she used was Mac Pro Longwear Lip Color and it was ok but I didn't love it. I'm open for any suggestions for lip color. For now I am using Clinique's Black Honey which was pitched to me as a universally flattering shade. It's not exactly lipstick or lipgloss, it's like a hybrid of both. I'm also using Almay's Truly Lasting Lip Color and have tried Revlons Color Stay, both of which are sticky and I'm not crazy about them but they look pretty good. 

Other things:

I wash my face with Neutrogena's Oil Free Acne Wash. It's very mild and not irritating like the Neutrogena Grapefruit Scrub. It really makes my face feel smooth and clean and has been the only facewash I've found in the last 5 years that has good chemistry with all the other stuff I put on my face. It's pretty inexpensive at around 6 bucks a bottle.

My body wash right now is also Daily Moisturizing by Dove, it's really gentile on my skin and rinses clean, which is what  I really like in a body wash. I hate that gross filmy feeling other washes can leave behind. Also in my shower is Pomegranate Lemonade by CO Bigelow available at Bath and Body Works, it smells so fresh and also rinses clean. I also have the body butter to go with it. 

I slather my face at night with Garnier's Skin Renew Radiance Moisture Cream. Someone was nice enough to point out to me a few weeks ago that I was "Showing early signs of aging and that I should do something about it now before it's too late. " Wasn't that nice? So I panicked and picked this stuff on since there was an in store coupon with it. I like it so far but I've never been too keen at putting lotion on my face. I have also used Hope In a Jar by philosophy, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I feel like it's a little expensive but it is totally worth it. 

For body lotion I stick with Jergen's Original Scent body lotion. During the day I use Tahiti Sweetie, from the True Blue Spa collection by Bath and Body Works. This is a favorite of mine due to it's smell of tanning lotion. It makes me think that I'm on vacation, even if I'm not. Sometimes I stock up on Coco Cabana lotion by Bath and Body Works when they break it out once a year since it's discontinued. That is truly my favorite scent. I love all things fruity and fresh smelling. Some people don't want to smell like ice cream or a banana split, I am not one of those people.

Nail polish is no contest for me. I am pretty loyal to the Sally Hensen line as well as OPI. This week I am rocking the following:

Rumple's Wiggin' on my fingers.

And Ogre the top Blue on my toesies.

So there we go, I didn't realize how much stuff I use everyday. How much do you use? More? Less? Right now I'm thinking about what I will wash my hair with in the morning, I may need to get under the sink and dig out something I haven't used in a while!